Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekend Workouts

This weekend was super busy around the Leonards household! Friday night we took Bella to her first Shabbat services at IHC. We lucked out, and it was family night so there were lots of other kids there and lots of singing--which she LOVED. She squealed and pointed and said "whats that?" to everything. haha! Saturday morning I worked at PUSH, then had a photo shoot for a cutie-patootie Dylan in the afternoon. I think I got some of my best shots yet! There was no workout for me on Saturday. Jer and I ate at home last night but we did enjoy an ice cream treat:)

Today's workout was 60 minutes of Turbokick. I was feeling kinda BLAH throughout my cardio though-- just overall lack of energy and I was clock watching... doesn't happen to me often and not sure what thats about either. Tonight for dinner we had skillet thai shrimp with brown rice and peas--yummy!

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Christina said...

Yay for icecream! Did you find our special flavor?? ;)

I hate when I have watch the clock days too. Hopefully you are refreshed today!

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