Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday Workout Log

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Today's workout was split up because I just CANNOT do a leg heavy day and cardio right after when I'm lifting heavy like I am this month. Also, my training session took about 40 minutes by itself and I wanted to do some Turbo today, which is 45 minutes or so, so its too much time at once when working out during a baby's naptime :) I'm also still helping getting poor Bella back to her healthy self. The poor kiddo is still getting over her double ear infection.


Superset 1 (# is DB in hand):

Stationary Lunge w/ back foot on BOSU: 20#/15r, 25#/12r, 30#/10r, 30#/8r x 2sets
Wide Stance Squat: 20#/15r, 25#/12r, 30#/10r, 35#/8r X 2sets
Jump Squat: 4X10 reps

Superset 2:

Ab Crunch on Ball with cable weight: 15#/15r, 17.5#/12r, 20#/10r X2 sets
Stability ball pull-in: 4X 15reps
Jumping Lunges: 4X10 reps

Superset 3:

Cable Hamstring Pressbacks: 10#/15r, 17.5#/12r, 15#/10r, 20#/8r
High Step Ups: 20#/12r, 20#/10r, 30#/6r X 2 sets

Superset 4: 3X15 reps

Bicycle crunches
Reverse Crunches
Bosu In-Out hops

CARDIO: TurboKick Round 32 (45 minutes)

How was your workout today, everyone?

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Christina said...

Great workout Mandy! I did stepups today too...and you beat me with weight too :)

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