Thursday, January 28, 2010

Making the time

One thing that I have realized since having a baby 16 months ago is how much harder it is to have a consistent workout schedule. Now you are talking to someone who has always been very good with routine and consistency. The one thing that I always have been good at is keeping a schedule. Call it the type A personality if you want, but whatever it is -- it works for me! However, Isabella has changed that mindset a bit. She has her OWN schedule and she doesn't care if I want to workout, sleep till 9 or have some quiet time. It isn't about *me* anymore. We don't have a gym membership with a daycare (not in the budget) so its an ever evolving process for me to find the time to workout.

However, not exercising is NOT an option for me. As I have said in previous posts, its a part of my lifestyle, and its a stress relief for me. Its only an hour most days of the week. In reality, thats not that much time. You just have to make it. Its not the best time of the day ever, but since the holidays the time I do this to make sure it gets done is 6am. This is before Bella wakes up. I get it done before anyone else is awake and then I have my whole day ahead of me! It is hard to get out of bed most days-- but once I do and get it done , I feel GREAT. There are no excuses in terms of needing to run errands or being too hungry for dinner.

So the moral of the story is ... make the time. Make the time for whatever is important to you. Exercise may not be everyone's priority in life, and thats okay -- but I challenge you to make *some* time for it in your week.

Happy moving!

Long time no talk...

Hellooo everyone. It has been a very long time since I updated the blog! I do apologize for being scarce. Life has gotten ahead of me and been very busy lately. My photography business has been growing and keeping me very busy, which I am loving. I also have had some new changes in my schedule in the past few months which have made it more difficult to keep up with everyone on both of my blogs!

Anyway, I have had some recent requests for updated posts and recipes/tips so I am going to be setting aside some time to keep you all in the loop.

You can also always visit my recent photography work at: MANDY LEONARDS PHOTOGRAPHY

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