Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Manic Mondays

Mondays are just that around here-- manic! Its always my longest and busiest day of the week. I start the day at 7am at work and didn't finis working until 8:30 pm last night. WHEW! I did manage to get a training session in while at work though since I had a 2 hour break. During that time frame, I did the following:

TRAINING: Legs & Shoulders

Smith Machine Front Squat: 50#/15r, 65#/12r, 70#/10r x 2 sets
Reverse Lunge off balance pad (DB in hand): 20#/15r, 25#/12r, 30#/10r, 35#/8r
Front Raises standing on pad (DB): 8#/15r, 10#/12r, 15#/10r x 2 sets

Side to Sides w/ 15# DB: 2 sets

Leg Press: 130#/15r, 135#/12r, 140#/10r x 2sets
Hamstring Seated Curl: 45#/15r, 50#/12r, 55#/10r, 60#/8r
Shoulder Press Machine: 30#/15r, 40#/12r, 45#/10r x sets

Side to Sides w/ 15# DB: 2 sets

Wide Stance Plie Squat (DB in hand): 25#/15r, 30#/12r, 40#/10r
Adductor: 115#/15r, 120#/12r, 125#/10r
DB Rear Delt Raises: 8#/15r, 10#/12r, 15#/10r

Also today was a cardio only day. I did 20 minutes on the elliptical and 15 minutes of heavy bag work.

I'm also in the middle of working with Bella's routine. She has been all wonky lately ever since we got back from Atlanta. At first I just thought it was getting over being sick, but now I'm thinking maybe she is trying to transition nap times. So today is the first go of it. Instead of putting her down around 9 or 10, I kept her up and she was happy. I fed her lunch earlier at like 11, and some milk and put her down at 12. Its 1:30 and she's still sleeping! WHOOHOO! I'm hoping she'll sleep until around 3, get up for a snack and then play until bedtime around 7:30 or 8. I can't believe how grown up she is getting!!

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Christina said...

Well, at least if she drops to one nap it will be a longer one :) And love the workout!

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