Monday, September 7, 2009

Atlanta Trip!

We just got home from visiting friends in Atlanta. We made the long drive with Bella in tow and went and stayed with our friends, Christina and Peter and their adorable 10 month daughter Makenzie. We had a wonderful time! Unfortunately, we arrived Thursday afternoon and Friday morning Bella woke up with a high fever and we had to take her to the urgent care center. A double ear infection and Bella's first real sickness :( She wasn't very happy, but we gave her lots of hugs and love-- and antibiotics of course. It was hard for me to see her not feel well.

For the fun stuff though-- Tina and I share a passion for fitness so we worked out together which was SO fun! We learned things from one another and it was awesome. We also took the kiddos and went to Stone Mountain, and also made a visit to the Georgia Aquarium. Both girls loved the fish and kept waving and squealing at them:) We spent the rest of our time talking and talking and enjoying each other's company. I didn't want to leave them and only wish we lived closer!

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