Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bella in the park and the Biggest Loser begins

We took Bella to the park this past weekend. WE had taken her aroudn 6 months and she thought it was fun and smiled in the swing, but was a little unsure about it all too. This time she had a BLAST! She was squealing and laughing and didn't want to get out of the swing! She was walking in the grass and picking up the sticks and then handing them to me, haha. It was really fun! Her nap transition went well today. She slept 12-3 and then was happy until bedtime at 7:30. Fingers crossed she gets herself back on track.

The Biggest Loser started tonight. I love watching this show. I love watching people choose to change their lives and make themselves healthier. I was truely shocked as I just watched the first few minutes and saw them walk a mile, and 2 of them in ended up in the hospital. Craziness. Wake up call? For sure. But good for them for doing something about it! I am looking forward to this season!

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Candace said...

I love The Biggest Loser also and I find it to be very insperstional...but I missed the first 45 minutes. Darn....I hope I can find it online.

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