Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Zoo trip on a budget

I really wanted to take Bella to the zoo:) So we went this past weekend and it was so fun! We also went on our tight budget. How, you ask?? Well, we had a 20% admission coupon for 2 adults from the Zoo book, and Bella is under 1 year old, so we got her in for free. She is too young to enjoy the dolphin shows and such, but we enjoyed the beautiful weather. Bella also really enjoyed the petting area-- where she petted goats for the first time and got to ride on the carousel with her Daddy. She was full of smiles the entire time! 

She was also completely fascinated by the other children there. I am already planning on going back for Christmas at the Zoo in December; and in case you are thinking about it, a Zoo membership is a great deal if you are planning on going more than 3 times/year and/or have a large family. For $105/year, you can get in all year, free parking, including all the special events. Really its a great savings!! We are planning on getting a Zoo membership next year once Bella is a little older. I can't wait!! :)

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