Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My first real Mama

This post is slightly sappy, so bear with me. Yesterday Isabella said "Mama" for the very first time, and I think she meant it. It was probably the most special moment for me with her (besides her birth, of course) so far. I've never in my life felt such a rush of love and excitement as I did in that one very second. I know it totally sounds bizarre, but that's the only way I can describe it. 

She's been saying "mmm-mmmm" for awhile now. She does it constantly, so its not anything new. Yesterday I put her in her high chair around lunch time so I could make her some food. She was doing her "mmmmm" and I was talking to her like always. Then, she got quiet and I turned around to fill her sippy with water when I heard-- clear as day-- "MA-MA!" I  couldn't believe it! I turned around, smiled and said, "yes baby??" She grinned that huge adorable grin at me with her two little teeth and kicked her little feet. Then I felt the mist in my eyes and I was so excited! She said Mama! And she was talking to ME! Of course I kept saying it back to her and kept trying to get her to do it again and she thought THAT was hilarious, and didn't do it again, but we'll work on it. But I'm definitely counting that moment as the first "Mama" and writing it down in her baby book. She knew exactly who she was talking to and that she was trying to get my attention. It was so amazing to feel like she knew that I was "Mama" and that she needed me... and that she is learning to communicate so well. I just love this little girl more than I could ever imagine loving anyone in my life. 

I know there are going to be tons and tons of moments that out do this one with our family, but this was a very special moment for Bella and I. And she said "Mama" before "Dada" and I think Jer is a bit jealous.. hehe ;) I am convinced though "dada" and "doggie" or "buffy" are not far behind... or maybe "Mimi" for my mom :) 

Crawling is also becoming better for her. She does the regular crawl for about 5 paces before deciding she wants to do the "I am paralyzed on half my body" crawl. Haha.

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