Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Keeping it Fun

In the realm of exercising...I find it necessary to reiterate something today... make it FUN. Make sure you ENJOY what you are doing! So many times people come in and tell me that their treadmill in their basement has become a nice clothing hanger because they find it so boring they would rather be fat than run on it. While I do find this sad, I do understand! Even a fit momma like myself gets bored with workouts. I think I go literally do my Tae Bo DVDS with a blindfold on and no music, no joke! Unfortunately because I know the workout so well, its hardly a workout for me anymore, and I find it boring, with a capital B! Not even Billy Blanks in his awesome purple spandex can keep my interest anymore, haha! The elliptical machine.. the pedals going round and round and round for 45 minutes... sounds so friggin' exciting, let me tell you. Not so much! So how do I keep up with it?? Here are some tips of mine...

1. Don't do the same thing two days in a row. So if I decide to do the elliptical Monday, you bet your booty I'm not doing it again probably for at least a few days! The next day I might decide to go outdoors... day after that, try a new class. Day after that maybe sprints on the treadmill. Key is keeping it fun!

2. If you belong to a gym, try a new class. Step outside your comfort zone here! Kickboxing in various forms, Zumba, Bootcamp, Spinning, Step.. there are SO many choices you could do a different class every day of the week and the class will always be different!

3. Weights... don't just do a boring machine 1, machine 2, etc... YUCK! Spice up your routine with some plyos or change your repetitions. If you are not a gym junkie, consider meeting with a trainer, even once to help you spice it up. Trust me it HELPS! I hardly ever do the same weight routine. It gets boring too!

4. Working out at home?? Be creative! I have used my stairs. A chair. A jump rope. My baby! You laugh, but its true :)

5. Exercise with a friend. Its always more fun with someone else.

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