Thursday, May 7, 2009

Diaper Changing-- An olympic sport

Ok seriously. Changing Bella has become an Olympic event. I think its getting worse by the day. I now dread changing her diaper. Especially a poopy. It goes something like this. Bella grunts, her face turns bright red and she clenches her little fists. I know that its coming. The poop. So I give her a few minutes to do her business then KNOW I should do my mommy duty and change her diaper so she doesn't sit around in it. So I pick her up and take her to the changing before we get into the room, she starts to go "eeeeeee!!!" because she knows whats coming. I try to distract her and talk to her about the dogs, the weather, my hair, anything at all.. haha.... So then we enter the room and I put her down. As soon as I put her on her back, and I mean AS SOON as I put her down, she flips over on her tummy and begins to crawl away from me. Fine. So I pick her up so she doesn't do a face plant onto the ground, go get a fresh diaper and come back to the table. Place Bella down on her back. FLIP. *sigh* Straight baby legs. *Sigh* Turn baby back over, this time, strategically placing my forearm over her entire body to get her to stay put. "EEEEEEEEEE!!" She yells at me. "Sorry, Bella, I have to do this" I say. Straight baby legs, followed by arching of the back, followed by trying to flip back over. I'm now sweating. Fighting with my baby. At this point my entire body is pretty much on top of her, diaper is half on, half off. Poop is now on me, on the changing table and on her chubby thighs. I grab wipes and am trying to wipe the butt, the leg, my arm. Flip baby back over. Quickly attach sticky flaps of the diaper only in time for her to flip over AGAIN. Flip her over once more, to tighten the diaper. Rest. Now I have to put pants back on her. Move her to the floor because the changing table is now covered in poo. Put baby on floor-- flip and crawling away--- there she goes. *sigh* ....

And yes this process repeats about every 2-3 hours during the day. Ah, the life of a mommy!


Veronica Lee said...

Hi, I'm visiting from Follow Me Club 1. Great blog.

Lynn said...

I love it. I can so relate to this. My daughter does this right now too but instead of crawling she is running away from me. I feel like I break a sweat everytime we change a diaper.

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