Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Coupon Madness!

Some of you know my new found love for coupons and bargain hunting. Such is the life of a new mother, huh?! Well, one of the wonderful coupon sites out there, coupons.com has an AMAZING selection of free printable coupons for you this month. There is a link in the sidebar on my blog. The purple sidebar-- just click on it and it will take you there. They are free and there are coupons for Kraft, Kelloggs, Kashi and much much more. Whoo hoo! 

I've been doing the Grocery Game for a few months now. Its great! I'm going to start testing my hand at finding the best deals around town on my own this month. Still have my GG subscription, but I'm going to start this week by looking at the inserts and all the helpful blogs I've found to compare deals myself and then cross-check it with GG. I'll keep you posted on how I do! 

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