Monday, June 15, 2009

Motivation Monday

Hello all and Happy Monday! I decided to dedicate my Monday posts to motivation. Mostly because I never feel like I have anything interesting to write about on Mondays, and also because I've discovered that Mondays often decide how the week is going to turn out for most of us. If we can get motivated to do something, anything, on Monday-- then suddenly the whole week is better. I find that this goes for exercise, diet, work, cleaning around the house -- even something as small as drinking enough water. If I get a good start on the week-- Monday-- then the rest of the week has a better chance. However, if I put myself aside on Mondays, don't get a workout in, let the dishes pile up, or drink more diet coke than I should-- the week just isn't as great.

So here's the deal... each Monday, lets start motivating each other. I don't care if it has to do with fitness or not. In fact, all topics are welcome :) Need some motivation to clean your toilets? How about to balance your checkbook? Lets help each other out!

My motivation of the day is going to be the obvious one. Make time to exercise on Mondays. Have you gotten yours in yet? I haven't yet... but thats only because I have been at work since 4:45 this morning.> But it will get done! I always work a very long day on Mondays-- 12 hours. 6am-6pm. However, I know that if I don't get a workout in on Monday, the rest of the week I will feel like crap. So I block out 2 hours from 12-2 to workout. Its usually a short one, since I have to workout, eat and shower all in 2 hours-- but I get it done. And I feel so much better! Whats on your card today? Tell me what your exercise plan is today.

For me... I only worked a half day today because I was down a sitter this afternoon for Bella. So the plan is to go to the gym around 5pm and do 30 minutes on the step mill and a total body workout and be home in time for dinner with Jerry :)

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