Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Isabella Tuesdays

This week life continues to be eventful with Bella. Her teeth are coming in like crazy! She got her bottom 2 teeth at 4 months old, but then she didn't get any others until 2 weeks ago. Now we have 6, with more already budding below the gums. Apparently, she is getting ready to eat steak! haha!

With teething, it has brought an increase in fussiness-- waking more in the middle of the night again which has made a sleepier Mommy and Daddy. She is a trooper though, and really is a great baby. We just aren't used to her getting up once she goes to sleep anymore. Usually Bella is out for the count from 7:30/8pm until 7:30/8am. She's been sleeping 11-12 hours solid at night since mid-January, which has been WONDERFUL! So anyway, we are muddling through the teething business.

She REALLY wants to walk. She stood unassisted for about 10 seconds on Friday before she freaked herself out and fell over, haha. She continues to pull up and cruise on the furniture. Her Mimi and Grandpa went to Saugatuck this past weekend and brought her back some goodies including these cute little Robeez shoes that she likes to practice stepping in while holding our hands.

Bella also had her first swimming pool experience this weekend. We filled up the baby pool in the backyard and put her in her cute little swimsuit! She was ADORABLE! I think she liked it, but I also think she thought we were bringing her bath outside and was confused, ha!

I can honestly say that I do think she has favored me a bit this week. The way she looks into my eyes-- it literally melts my heart. I would do anything for this little girl.

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Mama Notes said...

I want to see pictures!! :) I'm so nervous for teething, I've only heard horrible things!

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