Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Isabella Tuesdays

So I've decided that every Tuesday will be my Isabella update for the week to make it more organized on here! So here goes....

*She is a crawling MANIAC. You really have to be careful now because she darts out of the room in a second and always finds her way to loose cords, electronic devices and electrical outlets. It doesn't matter how many baby toys you put in front of her, the other stuff is always more interesting!

*She is MUCH less interested in purees now and wants to feed herself. There was about a week where all we could get her to eat were Cheerios and the Gerber Puffs snacks. Luckily, she has gone back to enjoying her oatmeal & banana in the morning and I've given her more chunky food and that seems to make her happier.

*She had a very busy social calendar this past weekend! Saturday we went to Anastasia's blessing ceremony and Sunday was Jasmine's first birthday party. Bella was a trooper and partied during her afternoon naptime without a fuss. :)

*She a big fall on Sunday and scared the crapola out of me! She fell backwards while pulling to stand on the wood floor, something she's done a million times, but she screamed like she's never screamed before! Then she got so upset, she got sick twice. We got worried and called the doctor-- but luckily she is just fine! The first of many boo-boos I suppose....

*The top two teeth are now through as well, thank God~~!

*She melts my heart. We played a mean game of peek-a-boo last night in her room around her crib. She was laughing histarically as I hid behind one side of her crib, then popped out. Jerry was cracking up too...she was even leaning over looking for me :)

Its amazing seeing her learn, grow and explore everyday. I love her more than I could ever imagine loving someone.

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Alexis said...

So sweet! Saw your interview on Mama Notes. They grow up so fast, don't they? Too fast!

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