Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bella Update

The latest on Isabella this week is that she is officially a Houdini baby! Jerry and I decided to do some major baby proofing last weekend ,since this kid is EVERYWHERE. She is a crawling maniac-- going at lightening speed from one room to the other; she is cruising on all of the furniture and pulling up on everything and anything. So we got a good baby gate (Summer Secure Fit) and some foam padding to put in the living room so she can safely play and fall and not give her self multiple concussions. Works great! Well... until you put her in the "baby jail" for a minute by herself. I did this yesterday and went to answer the door-- I was gone 1 minute. Came back, and there was Bella, outside the baby g
ate... standing on the bottom of the stairs-- looking at me. How on EARTH?! I thought to myself. The baby gate looked exactly how I had left it. I was completely perplexed. So I put her back in the "baby jail" closed the little door and left the room. Off she went, crawling (or should I say FLYING) towards the door to follow me...and stood up and pushed with all her super baby strength until the door popped open and 

she was FREEEEE! Here I am thinking my baby is a genius. Ha. Good thing Jerry showed me when he got home that the baby gate door has an additional latch that if I make sure its locked, she really can't push the door free. So that fixes that, except then today, I spent the day with a pissy Bella because she couldn't push the door open. Haha.

We also have 6 teeth now. 6! Holy Cow! Where did those come from?! Apparently, she is ready for steak ;)

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