Monday, June 8, 2009

Fitness in the Economy ...

The economy today is something that is affecting each and every one of us. Bargain shopper, grocery gamer or muti-millionaire, there is no doubt that you have complained in the past year in some way about the economy. Jerry and I are definitely in that crowd. Those of you that know us well know that Jerry lost his job suddenly in 2007, and he was the high income earner between the two of us. He was without a job for 14 months. That definitely hurt us. We were lucky enough to have savings to help keep our house for the meantime while he looked for another job. It took a very LONG time to find something... and the economy kept getting worse! He loves his job now and has been there about a year now, but this job has also given us a hefty decrease in our incoming funds due to a much lower salary than before.

Fast forward to a couple years and a baby later  and here we are... still struggling a bit. Its definitely not easy most days and we do the best we can. I work as much as I can and thank my lucky stars everyday that we have wonderful parents that help take care of Bella. Jerry works hard and keeps his fingers crossed for a raise once this economy recovers. And here I am, working in a field that I absolutely love, but of course, is seen as an extra expense to most families instead of a necessity when budgets are tight. So how is the fitness world doing you might be wondering??

Well, luckily, people still care about their health. Companies are still paying for fitness memberships and may even pay for personal trianing and nutrition coaching (yup, I actually got a client today whose services are being paid for by her work...). We are also creative in the industry. Paid classes are one of those new trends. We have come up with these smaller paid classes in which participants pay per class a smaller fee, like $10-15 per class to have a kick-butt session with a certified trainer. These classes vary in format from boot camp style, stroller classes, strength based, Zumba, to yoga/pilates. Most of them should be different from a regular group fitness class in that they should provide more personal 1:1 attention, accountability and motivation for you (since you are paying for it...) and in my classes, more focus is put on form/technique than in my group classes so you feel like you are getting more f a group personal training session at a fraction of the cost. I still make a living, my clients are happier because they are saving money and yet they are still able to train and feel good. Its a win-win situation. What do you think of these types of classes? What types of classes are in your area?

Those of you in the Indianapolis area, here are my 2 fee based classes currently being offered to anyone wanting to come! 

Push-It! Baby Bootcamp-- Stroller based class: Every Thursday 9:30AM-10:30AM $50/5 classes (classes focus on core, stability and cardio conditioning... as well as gives you a social outing with the kids!)

Push-It! Group Strength Training- Mondays at 6:45AM and Tuesdays 6:45PM at PUSH! Fitness for Women.. cost is $12/class in a package of 6 for $72 (these classes last 1 hour and are intense! I fill a room, so I limit my class size to 8 people to assure my clients are getting tons of attention. We work your ENTIRE body!)

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