Saturday, August 29, 2009

Where does time go?

Do you remember when we were little kids and we couldn't wait to get older? We would constantly wish to be older, try to be taller, bigger, smarter, and faster. The cooler kids were ALWAYS older. We were jealous of those who could drive before us, see an R rated movie before us, legally have a beer before us... but the one thing I've noticed now that I have a child is that all I want is for time to slow down.

I cannot believe that Isabella will be one year old a month from today. It brings tears to my eyes and a knot in my stomach when I think about it. I want to push the pause button and remember today. I want to remember the barrel of belly laughs and squeal that I got when I kissed her neck this afternoon... I want to remember the way she flapped her whole arm at me when she waved goodbye this morning when I dropped her off at my Mom's house for a couple of hours. I want to always remember the way she snuggles into my shoulder when she's sleepy and the way that she prefers me to hold her over everyone else. And yet, somehow, I know that in a few years from today-- chances are good that I won't remember these little moments quite as well and they will only be filled with other great moments with her.

My own mother, who I look up to more each day, recently told me that as we get older and our experiences get richer and more meaningful that time speeds up. She even said that she should have a discussion with Stephen Hawkings about the scientific findings of this fact :) I think she is right. And while I wish time would slow down each day I wake up to Bella's beautiful smiling face, I am so excited to wake up to see her that every single moment.. .every single smile, tear, poopy diaper and laugh... are more amazing than the last. And THOSE are the things that I wouldn't trade for anything. Not anything-- and that makes aging worth every second. :)

On that note, I end this post with one of my favorite quotes...

"Dance like no on is watching, work like you don't need the money and love like you've never been hurt before."


Megan said...

oh my gosh! tears! love love love love it :) :) :) you are soooo right!

Ryan and Amy said...

I loved this blog!!! I totally relate to how you feel. I close my eyes almost everyday in an attempt to lock something in my memory. These are precious days!

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