Sunday, August 2, 2009

Milestone Mania

We've been having some pretty big milestones around our house; and it seems like everyday Bella does something new. She took her first official steps this week for us. Yes, you heard it right-- steps-- as in walking... at 10 months old! She is also trying to say "dog" to the dogs over and over and its super cute. We also get "Dadadadadada" alot. She is working on 4 more teeth at the moment as well. Lots of mimicking and the dropping game has become hilarious to her. I just can't believe how fast she is growing up. I opened her baby book last night to write down her first steps, and thought I'd post when Bella has done everything so far. Every baby is so different and go completely at their own pace... but it seriously amazes me how much she has already done. Most of our "firsts" in the baby book are already filled in :(

First tooth: 4 months old
Slept though the night: 2 months old (6 hours) 3 months old (12 hours)
Rolled over: 4 weeks old (front to back) ; 9 weeks old (back to front)
Sat unassisted (tripod): 3 months old; sat unassisted non-tripod at 5.5 months old
First Smile: 6 weeks old
First Belly Laugh: 13 weeks old (at mommy! heehee)
First solid food: 4 months old
Army crawling: 6 months old
all fours crawling: 7 months old
Pulling Up: 7 months old
Cruising: 8 months old
Standing unassisted for short periods of time: 9 months old
First Steps: 10 months old

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