Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cloth Diapering Update

I am in the process of exploring cloth diapering and so far I am having a blast! I am trying different kinds to figure out what works best for Isabella and our family. So far I have tried Bum Genius One Size pockets, GoodMama fitteds, Smartipants and a custom made WAHM pocket diaper. Here are my pros and cons of the ones I've tried so far:

1. Bum Genius': Fit well, good absorbancy. No leaks. Easy to use, but do have to remove insert before washing. (aka sticking hand in wet/soiled diaper) ****

2. Smartipants: To me, these have worked exactly like BGs except I don't have to remove the insert before washing! AWESOME diaper! *****

3. GoodMamas: SUPER cute. Soft and non-irritating to Bella's sensitive skin. Con? They leak without a cover past the 60 minute mark. I am a fan of snap insert though. ****

4. Custom Made pocket: a little too small for Bella and harder to stuff; not my favorite so far. ***

So I'm still experimenting! So far though we've had NO leaks so thats a definite plus! If you are reading this and have a recommendation for us to try, or if you make or sell your own cloth diapers and want us to try one for review on Fitness & Family, let me know!

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