Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Smartipants Review

When my best friend told me she was going to cloth diaper her baby, I admit that I was very intrigued -- but I also thought that it meant that it would be a lot more work on her part. I envisioned a smelly house, safety pins, exploding diapers and lots of leaks. Boy was I wrong! Now her baby is now over 4 months old, and she has made cloth diapering look like a breeze! She uses pockets for the most part and after months of admiring her cute fluffy bummed daughter, Jerry and I decided that we'd really like to give cloth diapering a try for ourselves. We like the idea of no chemicals next to Bella's skin-- and we also like the thought of saving money....and lets be honest, they are pretty darn cute too!

I really didn't know where to start-- but I came across Smartipants. Now Smartipants are fairly new in the cloth diaper world. They are a pocket one sized diaper-- and they are very very affordable!! I was able to get my first 3 pack in a sale, for only $36.95. This is just over $12 a diaper, which is considerably less than your typical pocket diaper. And to my surprise, these diapers are AWESOME. Here are the things I love most about these diapers:

*They are very well made. They fit Bella very well, and fit almost exactly like the well known Bum Genius.

*They are one sized... meaning they will fit babies newborn all the way up to toddler years.

*They are microfleece on the inside of the pocket--keeping the baby's bum dry

*The POCKET. One of a kind. You stick the insert in and when its soiled, just dump the whole diaper in the wash. No need to remove the nasty insert-- it works itself out in the washer! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this aspect of the diaper! Much like an All in One, except there is still room for more inserts if needed at naps or overnight :)

*The Price... I mentioned these were inexpensive right? :)

*Love the SNAPS! No Aplix rubbing on B's thighs and they stay on her too.

I HIGHLY recommend these pocket diapers. I only hope they come out in some cute prints soon because the pastel colors don't do this diaper justice!

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Krystal said...

Wow Mandy she's getting so big. And she's soooooo precious! You've intrigued me on the Smartipants, too. I'm tempted to give it a try.

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