Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Photography Hobby....

Since giving birth to Bella, I have added another passion to my life-- photography. I've actually ALWAYS enjoyed taking pictures. In high school and college my friends always relied on me to take all the pictures at our fun outings and events because I always had my handy camera with me and ready to shoot:) In high school I also took a photography class where I learned all about exposure, aperature, ISOs and dark room developing. In the past 11 months, my passion for photography as an art has grown stronger and I've become fascinated in learning and growing in this field. It helps that I have such an adorable little subject to practice on, but I am now ready to reach outside of the box and have more subjects other than Bella. I've been told numerous times over the months as my skills have improved that I should do this more seriously as a photographer, so I am going to begin this venture now. It will be very much part-time and my fitness career is still my #1 priority in terms of my jobs. However, this is something I really love to do, can interact with my family and friends why doing it and continue to grow and learn over time.

So each Wednesday I will post a new picture on this blog for you all to see my progress. I've also created a seperate blog for Mandy Leonards Photography for sneak peeks to be placed there. Be sure to follow that blog as well if you are interested in seeing my work grow! And if you are in the Indianapolis area and are looking for a photographer, ask me. I'm currently not charging session fees since I'm portfolio building :)

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Samantha @ Mama Notes said...

how fun! I have been taking a million pictures since Lucas was born and I love it too!

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