Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Grocery Game

Those of you who haven't heard about the Grocery Game, should! Check out to ready all about it. I've become obsessed with saving money and getting good deals and this system totally works! Did you know that if you go to get something on sale, and they are all out, you can ask the store for a raincheck.. .then go back when the shelves are stocked and get it all?? Seriously, it rocks!!! I have to thank my friend Amy Abell for introducing the program to me. It takes about 12 weeks to start seeing the savings and we are in week 9, and finally starting to see the results! I have more meat, veggies, and cheese in my freezer than I have ever had before (and paper products too!) and its so nice! I will start posting my spending and savings on here to share with all of you. We already went to Kroger this week. At Kroger we spent $39.38 and we saved $48.70!!!!! Today is my Mejier day and I will also stop by CVS and Walgreens if needed. I'll keep you posted. My goal is to keep our weekly grocery bill under $100. :)

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