Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fitting Fitness in your busy life...

I often get asked how to find time to fit exercise into your life. Not everyone works at a gym, not everyone enjoys exercising for that matter... and not everyone makes it a priority. Thats okay. I am fully aware that not everyone shares the same passion for fitness and health that I have. But the one thing I like to emphasize for everyone I talk to about this is that you can make time for YOU. And you should. Being active is going to give you more confidence, which in turn is going to make you WANT to be more active which boosts your immune system and helps you lead a healthier, longer life. 

The new guidelines for exercise have increased. Minimum recommendations for health is 60 minutes most days of the week. This number is daunting, but remember this does not mean that you need to walk on the treadmill for an hour everyday! This is total activity. So here are the things that can be added into your 60 minutes/day:

-parking further away from the door in a parking lot That walking COUNTS!
-playing with your kids and/or animals
-grocery shopping
-walking the dog
-taking the stairs instead of the elevator

ALL of these things count into that. So I bet most of you, unless you are sitting at your computer all day long are getting more activity than you realize. And if you have a desk job-- take a break in between calls or clients and walk around the building. C'mon skip the elevator! Research shows that people who do these small things actually have better overall fitness levels and weight management than those that try to just get it in at the gym. While the gym most definitely counts in these numbers, its not everything. And this is important to remember.

So get moving everyone!

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Lindsay said...

you always have such great advice Mands!! I'm definitely one of those gym haters!! ;) haha!

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