Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fitness DVD Review

I'm constantly asked about what at home DVDs I would recommend for exercising. My answer is simple, if you enjoy it, then do it! Thats key to sticking with something. I do like having some DVDs at home, because they are always there and they can be an easy way to fit exercise in when you don't have transportation, a gym membership or if you have kids. I will say though, that getting yourself out of the house has many advantages and many people have really expensive fitness equipment that never gets used because they need the accountability of someone else or the fact that they are paying for a membership somewhere. However, there are some really good DVDs out there. So here goes what I've tried. Changing your workouts frequently is necessary for consistent results though, I have found!

TurboJam: : This is the at-home version of Turbo-Kick which is the class I teach. Its fun! A mixture of kickboxing and dance, the music is good and Charlene is great. Think Tae-Bo minus that funny clothes and dorky music. Its a great workout. Not as tough as Turbokick, but it gets the job done. My favorites are Cardio Party 3, Cardio Party Remix and Punch Kick Jam.  I did this workout throughout my entire pregnancy.

Cathe:; she does a lot of step and strength but this gal is tough! Thanks to my friend Tina, I discovered Cathe and I think she is one of the toughest collection of at-home workouts out there. Definitely check it out if this is your thing! 

TaeBo: Billy Blanks... I have a soft spot in my heart for Taebo since I was one who became part of the craze back in the 90s. It helped me shed some weight and have fun working out for the first time. I don't find the workouts hard enough for me anymore and the music is dorky but I have heard wonderful things of his Amp workouts! 

10 minute solutions: This collection is a great addition. Quick workouts for abs etc; Not enough by itself, but a good addition. 

Do you have another DVD you'd like me to review for you? Send me a comment and I'll see what I can do! 

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