Monday, April 27, 2009

Bella's first car trip

We had Isabella's first car trip this weekend. We drove down to Owensboro, KY where we celebrated Aunt Madonna's 50th and Grandpa Jacob's 80th birthdays. We also celebrated our cousin Laura's graduation from medical assistant school and cousin Michael turning 6 years old. It was very fun to see everyone that we don't get to see very often and Bella survived her first long car trip. She did pretty well, although we have concluded that she does NOT nap well in the car. Unlike both of her parents, she didn't want to sleep there and was awake nearly the entire 4.5 hour trip! Luckily, as long as Jerry was riding in the back with her, she was content enough and she was amazingly in a good mood when we got to Kentucky. She was the star of the family gathering, winning everyone's hearts!

We also took Bella to the park for the first time on Sunday evening to enjoy the beautiful warm weather we've had. Bella LOVES the swing! She kept grinning ear to ear. I just cannot believe how big she is getting. It goes so fast. And she is *very* close to crawling. I think it will be ANY day now!

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