Thursday, April 9, 2009

Grocery Game Savings

Kroger Kroger... I went there today. If you like ham, now is the time and go get ham. its on sale big time ($1.47/lb) I hate ham, so I didn't get in on that sale, haha!

But here are the sales I did get in on:

*12 pack cans of pepsi products: 4 for $10 (this will last us an entire month)
Kroger shredded cheese for 0.99 cents
Charmin 12 big rolls (the best TP ever) only $6.99 (plus a coupon)
Bounty (best paper towels ever) 12 big rolls $6.99 (plus a coupon)
Kroger frozen veggies 10 for $10... I bought 10 of them. This will last us about 2 weeks since we eat veggies everyday and I also make them for Bella every few weeks.
Thomas english muffins -- BYGO- plus coupon
Kelloggs cereal ($2.18) plus coupon
Dannon yogurt 6 for $6 plus coupon
Pampers for $6.99 plus coupon
Cascade for $4.99 plus coupon
frozen fruit for 2/$6
2 bottles of wine for $5.99 each
Dole salad 2 for $5

I only went to Kroger today because when I checked out the Grocery Game, Meijer just didn't have as many deals this week for us on stuff we need/use as Kroger did. It was a good trip. I had so many groceries that someone had to help Bella and I out of the store. The total was worth $239.64 and I only spent $101.36 Sweeeettt... that was a 42% savings!

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