Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Where have I been?

Where have I been?? I have been neglecting my blog, and I apologize! The past week has been very busy in our household. My photography business has really been taking off, between that and chasing a running 13 month old, I haven't had as much time to post as usual. I shot my first wedding this past weekend and had an absolute wonderful time. You can view some of the pictures HERE. I am thrilled with how they came out. As nervous as I was, I was incredibly comfortable once I got there and let my creative juices flow. I had an amazing time and really think I may have found another niche for me and I am so excited!!

From a fitness standpoint-- I also got sick this past week. Had a headcold, so I didn't workout for a few days. I HATE being sick and not being able to workout :( I get asked a lot what to do when you are sick. I am a big advocate of listening to your body. If you feel like you need rest, then rest. Missing 1 orr 2 workouts will not hurt your progress. Generally, a good rule of thumb I have found is that if you miss 2 weeks, its like missing 4 weeks. If you miss a month of exercise, it gets harder and harder to get back in the game. BUT... if you are sick, don't be afraid to rest. If you are on vacation, don't be afraid to take a week off. It can do a body good :) And I'm back in my A-game this week! I got a full body workout in yesterday and cardio in today.

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