Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Routine for Bella, New Routine for Mommy

Well we now that we have reached the one year mark for Bella, we are implementing some new routines into our day. Bella is still taking 2 good naps a day, and I am in no rush to drop down to 1, so for now, we'll keep to 2 naps until she starts fighting them again. But one thing that is changing is her food/milk.

We made the switch to organic whole milk. We've also made the switch to only using sippy cups. No more bottles for my girl. She doesn't seem to care very much about this change. The one thing that is new though is that I will be giving her milk in her sippy with meals now, and no more night time bottle. I am a little nervous about it-- and if she won't go to bed, we'll probably let her have it, but I think she'll be okay. Since we haven't really done the eat to sleep thing, she doesn't seem to need it in order to go to bed. So now I think our routine will look something like this:

7:30/8am: Wakeup, sippy of milk, breakfast (oatmeal & fruit, yogurt or waffles)
10ish: nap
1130/12ish: lunch. sippy of milk and whatever i feel like making her for lunch
2ish: nap
4ish: snack: sippy of water, finger foods for snack
6ish: sippy of milk, table foods for dinner
7ish: bath/storytime
730/8ish: bedtime

I also will be beginning a new workout routine for the month of October. I am going to go back to 3 weight workouts a week this month, full body in nature. I'm going to finish out my upper/lower split this week so my new routine will begin on Monday. Its going to look like this:

Monday: Full Body Weight Workout @ gym or REST day (depending on my work schedule)
Tuesday: 40 minutes elliptical (cardio only) + abs (at home)
Wednesday: Full Body Weight Workout @ home
Thursday: cardio only (Turbokick @ home) + abs
Friday: Full body weight workout @ gym + 30 minute interval treadmill workout
Saturday: Turbokick
Sunday: REST or makeup day from Monday

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