Monday, July 6, 2009

Recovering from Holiday Bloat

So... how many of you are sitting there reading this blog entry wondering how you managed to gain 5 pounds this weekend??? Take a deep breath, you didn't actually gain 5 pounds of fat. Do you know how difficult it would actually be to gain that much fat in a few days? Very. However, retaining water when you've been busy at 4th of July cookouts instead of the gym can easily pack on some scale pounds that will make your jaw drop open Monday morning. Follow these tips to get rid of the holiday bloat and get back on your program. Remember though, that constantly indulging every weekend will not help your overall weight loss goals and will more than likely stall your progress. But ... if you are like me, and have a weekend (or couple of weeks a year) of indulgences, these tips can help you shed that bloat quickly.

1. Eat PROTEIN at breakfast. Like eggs. Studies show that those who eat eggs at breakfast are 5 times less likely to be overweight and 8 times less likely to overeat throughout the day. So its time to stop eating a granola bar for breakfast and start eating something hearty. I almost always eat oatmeal AND egg whites for breakfast with some berries. Gives me energy, keeps me full and boosts my metabolism.

2. Drink WATER. After a weekend or so of indulging, up your intake to even more than usual. Minimum of 80 ounces, more if you are exercising. Avoid carbonated beverages and alcohol. This alone should help you get rid of bloat within 3-5 days.

3. Eat a serving of raw nuts. Studies show that people who eat a serving of raw nuts a day reduce their appetite by 40 percent!

4. Omega-3s. Find something rich in them and eat it. Fish and flax seed are both good examples. Omega-3s are known to not only be good for your hair, nails and heart-- but they are also shown to help reduce water retention and boost your metabolism as well.

5. Get back into the exercise game. Sweat. It will help :)


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