Thursday, February 18, 2010

Power 90 X

So before we had Bella, Jerry and I would go to the gym together to workout most days of the week after work. It was a good bonding time together and we enjoyed it (ok well I did anyway, haha). Of course our schedule has completely changed since having a baby, change in work schedules for both of us and no longer having a gym membership. I am a little more dedicated to getting a workout in than Jer is, but I still admit to getting bored very easily from doing the same thing and I also lack motivation when I'm by myself and only have an hour or two kid-free a day.

This past week though, Jerry and I started doing the very popular home workout series-- P90X with Tony Horton. Its a 12 week subscribed program. You do it all at home. It is 7 days a week. Very hardcore! I am skeptical however of most home workouts because most of them are not challenging enough for me. Turbojam is one of the only home workouts I continue to use on any sort of regular basis.

We just completed week 1 yesterday. I am SORE!! I completely can recommend this workout so far. I will keep you guys posted on progress and results. Personally I am not looking to loose weight, but there are some areas I wouldn't mind toning up a bit. Jerry wants to loose about 20 pounds (that he gained when I was pregnant but then didn't loose it after she was born). So far so good! I will say the best thing about this is doing it with Jerry... and the fact that it is getting him to exercise consistently again. We've had to do it late at night after Bella goes to bed (around 8pm) so it's a little hard to do it that late at night but having someone to do it with really helps, and at least this way we are uninterrupted.

This is what the week included:

Friday: Chest/Back/Abs... 1 hour of pull-ups, push-ups and a really hard ab workout. By far the hardest day of the week. I was sore for like 4 days afterward, LOL!

Saturday: Plyometrics.. 1 hour. I am in very good cardiovascular shape, so I really liked this one :)

Sunday: Shoulders/Arms/Abs..1 hour. I also did 20 minutes of cardio on the elliptical.

Monday: Yoga.. this yoga worout is 90 minutes. A little long for my taste.

Tuesday: Legs/Back/Abs..1 hours. The ABS WORKOUT AGAIN?!! hahaha yes. And yes my abs still hurt, LOL.

Wednesday: Kenpo...1 hour. This is similar to Turbokick so I liked it a lot!

Thursday: Rest dat yahoo!!

In addition to this I am still teaching Turbokick once or twice/week.

So far its been a good change and I'll keep you all posted. So far, P90X is one of the best home workouts I've tried! You can find out more about it here.


CVSer said...

I'm starting this next week. YIKES! Good luck!

Greta from said...

I have been considering getting this for myself and my 13 and 15 year old sons when my tax refund comes. It is not cheap! What equipment did you need for week 1? What are you jumping up to or onto for the plyometrics? How much space do you need to do it? Thanks for any info you can share?

Mandy said...

Greta-- I have fortunate to borrow it from a friend! :) But I do think its a great workout series. Also, check out your local library they usually have them to check out so you can try them out first!

You won't need much. A chair, some dumbbells and some resistance bands. The pull-ups can be done with a pull-up bar, but for those that can't do pull-ups alone (like myself)-- you can do lat pull down with a band instead.

For the plyos-- you don't jump onto anything so I just had to move the coffee table out of the way :) Let me know if you decide to give it a go!

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