Friday, January 30, 2009

Isabella turns 4 months

We took Bella to her 4 month well visit today. She did great! She weights 15 pounds, 8 ounces (82%) and is 25 inches long (75%) and has a head circumference of 16.5 inches. Yeah, she got healthy chubby thighs and we love them!!! :) Dr. Julie says she looks GREAT and is healthy and strong! Ahead of all of her milestones so far. We have been advised to start solids before her 6 month appt and also babyproof our home before that visit as well. Oh, boy.. guess we are going to have to go back to Babies R Us! Ha! 

I am also looking forward to making my own baby food. I have gotten some tips from my friend Amy and will be checking out for ideas. I'm excited!! I'm going to start with cereal first, then move on to oatmeal and veggies. Not sure which veggies I want to start with yet. I'm thinking maybe peas and sweet potatoes since those are two of my favorites!! I am so excited! I've got my Magic Bullet and just need to get some ice cube trays and get practicing. Jerry also has to get her high chair put together soon and I need to get a plastic spoon. I have a feeling we have great times ahead of us :)

She also continues to be a great sleeper at night! She slept through the night again last night, all 11 hours. We feel so much more rested! I hope it continues! 

This weekend I am hosting Megan's baby shower. Anastasia is due April 1st, and Megan and Max are getting very excited! We are very excited as well since Megan is like a sister to me. I can't wait to be Aunt Mandy!! I really hope her shower this weekend ends up as nice for her as mine was for me. She deserves the best! 

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